World of Warcraft Players Find Easter Egg Teaser for The War Within

Universe of Warcraft fans have found some new exchange in the game that prods The Conflict Inside. Players can find these Hidden little treats by preparing the weapons from the November 2023 General store Prize and talking with a Universe of Warcraft NPC situated in Silithus.

In November, Universe of Warcraft gave players M’thorus, Knife of the Stupendous Plan, Taesavir, Blade of the Great Plan, and Voidsong, Fight of the Harbinger, as a piece of a corrective assortment called the Grandiose Weapons Store. World of Warcraft added Gorridar, a Darkblade of the Sunderer, and Seetheras, a Broadsword of the Sunderer, to its arsenal following the announcement of The War Within at BlizzCon.

Presently, players have found some exceptional exchange opened by carrying these weapons to a specific NPC. When World of Warcraft fan Hammerman753 approached the Twilight Hermit in Silithus with the transformed swords based on Sargeras, he discovered the Easter egg. The Recluse perceives the force of the weapon as equivalent to Sargeras’ blade in Universe of Warcraft, and guesses that the Dim Titan struck Silithus on purpose. Different players found the NPC had discourse while using M’thorus or Taesavir too, cautioning that the Titans’ plan may not be as unique in relation to Sargeras’ as players might naturally suspect.

Should players approach a similar NPC with Voidsong transmogged, the Dusk Recluse perceives and distinguishes the thing as a curio from the Dark Domain. It infers the staff was used by the Harbinger so she could achieve something, however an “inconspicuous presence” chastens the NPC before he uncovers it, suggesting Xal’atath, the fundamental bad guy of Universe of Warcraft: The Conflict Inside, may have halted him.