Steam Users Report Having Achievement in Game They’ve Never Played Before

Steam clients are detailing an accomplishment from The Universim that is strangely showing up on their records regardless of not committing any interactivity toward the sandbox title. The list of achievements in Crytivo’s The Universim, which debuted in 2018 on Steam Early Access, is standard, but the one in question is being shared by players due to its presence.

The Universim comes from designer and distributer Crytivo (Ancient Realm, Trail Out, Above Snakes). It’s a huge city-building game with God Game elements that gives the player ultimate control and lets progress spread “through the ages.” It’s right now in early access, with variant 1.0 holding back nothing 22, 2024 delivery. On Steam, it currently has a Very Positive rating. While Crytivo makes progress toward the 1.0 full arrival of The Universim, a few players are as of now seeing accomplishments being opened without playing the game.
Reddit client DjuncleMC posted a peculiar tracking down internet with respect to one of the 42 accomplishments of The Universim, Beginning. As per the player, they were given the accomplishment regardless of never playing the game in any case. The only achievement that has been unlocked is Genesis, which necessitates the player construct their first simulated civilization, raising the question of its existence.