Microsoft Rewards Update ‘Nerfs’ Xbox Game Pass Quests

Microsoft has recently taken out unambiguous sorts of missions from the Xbox Game Pass, having an impact on the manner in which players should procure focuses and leaving numerous clients upset. Xbox sent off its membership administration back in 2017, and the journeys have turned into a significant piece of the help. Highlighting moves for players to finish by messing around accessible through Xbox Game Pass, these missions give better approaches to players to test themselves and allow them an opportunity to procure rewards, including credits they can put towards other Xbox buys.

In 2023, Xbox Game Pass subscribers received a lot of value from the numerous free games and rewards they could earn. This gave Xbox fans a lot of motivation to look at, or stay with, the help in 2024. As the new year starts, in any case, apparently Microsoft has carried out certain progressions to missions that might provide a gamers opportunity to stop and think in regards to the help.

As first detailed by PureXbox, it appears to be that another update has nerfed Xbox Game Pass journeys by eliminating specific week by week missions. In particular, missions that task players with finishing difficulties specifically games accessible on Game Pass have been taken out, restricting the potential ways for players to acquire the full distribution of week after week focuses. While not lessening the general potential focuses that can be procured, this change makes it to a greater degree a drudgery to maximize, possibly leaving some gamers investigating how to drop a Xbox Game Pass membership.