Lies of P 2 Could Include a Huge Upgrade

A Neowiz work posting has recommended that Lies of P 2, or anything the spin-off of 2023’s Lies of P turns out to be called, will be fabricated utilizing Incredible Motor 5. The first Lies of P was an unexpected hit in 2023, with the Soulslike procuring a lot of commendation from pundits and winding up named for different honors at The Game Honors 2023.

Lies of P was assigned for Best Craftsmanship Course and Best Pretending Game at The Game Honors 2023, at the end of the day lost to Alan Wake 2 and Baldur’s Door 3, separately. In any case, there’s no denying the way in which great it is that Lies of P was designated in any case, as the game sent off as a shiny new IP from a doubtful studio amidst the fall gaming rush and has come out the opposite end as quite possibly of 2023’s most-discussed new game.

Many are eager to see what’s on the horizon for Lies of P. In the more short term, Lies of P DLC is underway, and fans additionally have an inevitable spin-off of anticipate also. It will probably be a long time before fans learn more substantial insights regarding the Lies of P spin-off, however a new work posting recommends that it will abandon Stunning Motor 4 for Incredible Motor 5. This was found by Resetera client Erok and shared on Twitter by Inactive Sloth.