September 21, 2023

Audi Invites FC Bayern Munich to Singapore at Selective Meet and Welcome, Formally Dispatches Q8 e-tron

The occasion, which was held at Audi Center Singapore, saw the three expert footballers meet with fans in the wake of showing up in Singapore as a component of the continuous Audi Summer Visit 2023 in Asia. They likewise imparted contemplations to the crowd on being in the city, their forthcoming coordination with Liverpool FC, and their well-established association with Audi.

“Our group is invigorated for the impending well-disposed match against Liverpool on Wednesday. These matches are significant as they set us up until the end of time, both truly and intellectually,” said Davies. ” It has likewise been extraordinary gathering our greatest allies here in Singapore as a component of the Audi Summer Visit. We anticipate a closer coordinated effort between FC Bayern Munich and Audi before very long.”

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The occasion likewise saw the primary authority reveal of the Audi Q8 e-tron in Singapore. It will act as the brand’s leader model for their electric SUV and hybrid reach. Also, during our most memorable drive with it, the Q8 e-tron as of now showed a guarantee with an advanced drive idea, further developed optimal design, higher charging execution, and an extended battery limit.

Their most recent electric SUV additionally includes reused materials, including the beautiful decor, upholstery material, and safety belt clasps—all pieces of the brand’s asset preservation endeavors.

Said Markus Schuster, Overseer of Audi Singapore, “We are really glad to have FC Bayern Munich and today’s highly regarded players at Audi Center Singapore. Our organization with FC Bayern Munich has crossed over twenty years, and we are pleased to advance the common upsides of progress and development through our joint occasions.

“”We are likewise glad to reveal our freshest e-tron model, the Audi Q8 e-tron. Audi has been advocating electric versatility since the send off of the e-tron in 2020, and the Q8 e-tron marks one more critical stage towards this new future.”

The launch of the Q8 e-tron marks one more action by Audi to knock off their arrangement to highlight north of 20 electric vehicles by 2026, and in the long run move towards having all-electric vehicles from 2026 onwards.

FC Bayern Munich will go head to head against Liverpool FC this evening at the Singapore Sports Center as they challenge the Singapore Prize in what is generally anticipated to be a thrilling, adrenaline-filled match!

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