Eye exercises for phone computer TV users…

Exercises for the eyes

Eye yoga exercises are said to improve eye function and prevent macular degeneration, nearsightedness, farsightedness and other eye-related diseases. Not too difficult exercises, so I will show you.


Close your mouth and breathe comfortably. Rub your palms together several times to warm them up and place them on your eyelids. The warmth of the palm relaxes the eye muscles. Cover it until the heat is gone. Keep your eyes closed and remove the mask. Repeat at least 3 times.


Keep your eyes open. Blink rapidly about 10 times. Then close your eyes for about 20 seconds and breathe slowly. Do this exercise about 5 times.

Sideways Viewing

Sit with your legs down in front of you. Without raising your arms, put your thumbs up on both sides and make a fist. Keep your head up and do each of the following. Look into the eyes, look at the space between the two eyebrows, then look at the left thumb, look at the space between the two eyebrows, look at the right thumb, look at the space between the two eyebrows, look at the left thumb

You can do this exercise 10 to 20 times. Take one breath before starting the exercise. Exhale when you look to the side. After inhaling, look again at the center between the eyebrows.

Front and sideways viewing

Sit with your feet down in front of you. Place your left fist on your left knee and put your left thumb up. Look straight ahead with your eyes and keep your head straight. Exhale and fix your gaze on the left thumb. As you inhale, look straight ahead with your eyes (keeping your head straight). Do the same with the right thumb, then close your eyes and relax.

Rotational viewing

Sit with your feet forward. Place your left hand on your left knee. Straighten your elbow and place your right fist on your right knee with your thumb. Keep your head straight and look at your right thumb. While looking, draw your right thumb in a circular motion. (Once clockwise and once counterclockwise) Do the same exercise with the left thumb. Do the exercise five times and rest with your eyes closed.

Up and down viewing

Sit with your feet forward. Place your fists on your knees. Keep your arms straight and slowly raise your right thumb. Follow the movement of the thumb. Follow the eye gaze over the right thumb until the thumb slides back into place. Keep your head straight. Do the exercise with each thumb about 5 times. Keep your head and spine straight.

Nose gazing (preliminary nose gazing)

Sit on a throne. Hold your right arm into a fist and put your thumb up. Keep your eyes focused on the tip of your thumb. Then bend your arm inward and bring your thumb to the top of your nose. Keep your eyes on the tip of your nose for a while. Then stretch your arm again. You can do this at least five times.

Near and distant viewing

Sit by a window with a wide view. After looking at the view, focus on the tip of the nose for 5 to 10 seconds and do it about 10 times. People who suffer from itchy eyelids, spasms, headaches, and headaches due to eye power should take 5 tablets of medicine 3 times a day with juice or warm water.