May 24, 2022

Traditional wedding dresses from around the world

Now, I would like to tell you a little knowledge. This is about traditional wedding dresses from each country. In the post-19th century, weddings became more and more popular in Western dress.

However, the number of weddings in traditional attire has dwindled, but it has not disappeared. So, look at each picture as the pictures below show the traditional wedding dresses of each country.


Most Japanese weddings are held in Western attire, but there are also traditional weddings. In traditional Japanese wedding dresses, the bride’s dress is called uchikake, and the gown is made of silk (or other soft cloth), and the color is usually white. The bridegroom’s attire is black and is also called a yukata.


Ghana’s traditional wedding dress is colorful. The whole outfit is colorful and has different patterns. Another unique feature is that each family member has their own pattern design.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s bridal gown is a beautiful blend of western and oriental styles. The beauty of Sri Lankan brides is enhanced by the fact that the bride’s silk sari is securely covered with western style.


The traditional Scottish wedding dress is called Arisaid. In this dress, the bridegroom wears a traditional Scottish mountain dress, his traditional dress. At the end of the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom covers the bride’s shoulders with a colored handkerchief representing his tribe. This means that the bride has become part of the bridegroom’s family after the wedding.


Ethiopia is one of the official states of Christianity throughout Africa. Therefore, most weddings take place in church buildings, and the style of wedding ceremonies is very similar to that of Greece and Russia.


Indonesia is a country of more than 300 ethnic groups and six major religions. Therefore, weddings held in Indonesia vary from region to region. Unlike an island, it is celebrated in different ways.

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