May 24, 2022

Famous cities that will make you want to visit again and again

Sometimes the place you visit is a famous place, but you may not want to go again because of the inconvenience. This article is about the famous cities that make tourists want to visit again. So read on to find out which cities are included.

Paris (France)

Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. However, the main disadvantage of Paris is the large number of tourists everywhere. Almost every street is full of people.

Most travelers support this fact and are reluctant to visit again. According to the data, about 16 lakh tourists visit Paris every year. That’s about the same number of visitors to London as Paris, which is 15 times smaller than London.

Delhi (India)

Delhi, one of India’s capitals, is on the list for a number of reasons. What most travelers notice is that Delhi is unclean. It is said to be crowded and in some places dangerous.

India’s Foreign Ministry has advised travelers not to leave the hotel at night and not to hire illegal taxis.

Venice (Italy)

Experts predict that Venice will be uninhabited by 2030 due to the high number of tourists. There are so many places to visit during a day trip in the city that it is not easy to get around.

However, there are a lot of tourists in the city and the prices are very high, so you can be a little disappointed.

Santorini (Greece)

Santorini is a small island in southern Greece and a popular tourist destination.

According to statistics, the island is crowded with tourists, with at least 500,000 tourists visiting it every year. Because of these problems, the Greek government limited the number of ships allowed to visit the island.

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

He gradually became famous after filming an episode of the popular Game of Thrones series in this town.

Even the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has set a limit of 4,000 visitors a day due to the large number of tourists.

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